"I read so much fiction, working in the tax office, I thought I might write some of my own" - Ian H. Lane

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The Basel Trilogy

The Basel Trilogy is now complete with the publication of The Basel Account - available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

The Basel Formula

Why should the SVR, Russia's successor to the KGB, be interested in a small scientific glassware business in north-west London? Elizabeth Fielder, one of their agents, takes the place of Peter Lewis' secretary after she is killed in a hit and run "accident". Lewis has the entrée to a Swiss laboratory which is developing a personality-altering drug which the Russians plan to steal…

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The Basel Exodus

Former Mossad agent Sam Charles has a serious problem. He has fallen for Elizabeth Fielder an agent of Russia's SVR, the successor to the KGB, while keeping her under surveillance in London and Basel, Switzerland. Unfortunately Elizabeth is held in Basel's remand prison, charged with the murder of a colleague. Sam is determined to secure her liberty – but how?

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The Basel Account

Terrorism, drug smuggling, a nuclear threat to the State of Israel and romance…

At a private bank in Basel a client's telephone call is overheard and Swiss Security are alerted to a terrorist threat against the State of Israel. Captain Erik Blum is sent to liaise with Mossad and insists in dealing with Sam Kagan whom he has previously met as a result of Mossad action in Basel.

The threat is being funded by drug smuggling and Sam and his wife are sent to Cassis, a port near Marseille, to keep the smuggling operation under surveillance. Jakob Schmidt, the mastermind of the terrorist cell has links with a French woman psychiatrist and one of Blum's young officers becomes her patient in the quest for information.

The date of the expected attack is 16th September 2001 but a few days earlier the Security Services are still without the information they need to thwart the attack. Time is running out fast...

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